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Why is magnesium an underestimated nutrient? And what does boron have in common with a one-way street? In informative articles, we explore exciting aspects of plant nutrition.

The one-way street nutrient


The micronutrient boron has a great impact on plant metabolism. In this article from the KALI Academy, you will learn why it can only move in one direction in the plant and what this means for its ideal use in soil and foliar fertilization.

Soybean fertilization
Competition for carbohydrates


Soybean is an attractive forage and protein crop. This article deals with the competition between rhizobia and pods. It furthermore gets into detail regarding the demands of soybeans on plant nutrition.

Increase nutrient efficiency
Optimal use of nitrogen and phosphorus


Using nutrients as efficiently as possible is an absolute priority for agriculture. Against the background of the new fertilizer regulations, we identify approaches to increasing nutrient efficiency and support farmers in securing their yields.

Corn under-foot fertilization
The right mixture works


The amendment of the Fertilizer Ordinance has imposed restrictions on the use of fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus. Therefore, these nutrients must be utilized as efficiently as possible. The "struvite effect" provides assistance in this respect. Here we explain what this is all about and what benefits it brings.

Sulfate versus chloride
The ideal potassium fertilizer for potatoes


For the basic fertilization of agricultural crops, potassium is available in sulfate and chloride forms. This KALI Academy article explains which quality parameters the nutrient forms have an influence on in potatoes.

Drought stress
Using water efficiently


Drought stress can severely affect crop growth and development. Did you know that balanced fertilization with potassium, magnesium, and sulfur can minimize the impact of drought stress on plants? Here you can find out how to benefit from this.

Sulfur fertilization
The seven misconceptions


How is your knowledge of sulfur fertilization? The different states and properties of sulfur cause a lot of misconceptions when it comes to plant supply.

Nutrient interactions
Interactions of potassium and magnesium


When plants absorb nutrients from the soil, interactions occur. These interactions vary from nutrient to nutrient. They can have a positive or negative influence on plant nutrition and consequently also on the yield and quality of the harvested products.

Organic farming
Mineral fertilization for nutrient supply


A needs-based nutrient supply has a significant influence on the quality and yield of the harvested products. Learn more about fertilization in organic farming.

Prepared for the winter
Potassium and magnesium provide optimum frost protection


Freezing temperatures without protective snow or alternating frosts can cause severe damage to agricultural crops. The nutrient potassium has a significant influence on the frost resistance of plants. Learn here how to successfully prepare your crops for the winter.

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