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K+S supports farmers all over the world by providing expert knowledge on fertilization. Our efforts aim for high yields and excellent quality, and for maintaining these even under adverse climatic conditions. Benefit from the know-how of our experts at your location and contact us!

Our advisory activities pursue the goal of passing on existing and new findings from plant nutrition research to agricultural practice. Farmers around the world are supported with this know-how in implementing the latest scientific findings in their fertilization practices and therefore securing both the yield and quality of their harvest products. With our commitment and expertise, we make a significant contribution to feeding the world and consolidating farmers' livelihoods.

The optimal use of fertilizers is crucial for the yield and quality of agricultural products. Depending on the location, crop and cultivation system, there are different requirements for fertilization according to needs. Selecting the right amount and form of nutrients, the appropriate application and the timing of fertilization are crucial to the success of the fertilization strategy.  

That is why an international network of K+S agronomists is available to support farmers with tailor-made fertilization recommendations for the crops and soils on site. Our expert advisers have many years of experience in plant nutrition and support farmers with important information about the nutrients potassium, magnesium, sulphur and sodium as well as about the micronutrients boron, manganese, and zinc.

Benefit from our regional agronomists' expertise.

 Emmanouil Sakellariou (1:1)
Emmanouil Sakellariou
Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Cyprus, Macedonia
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Eszter Zsom
Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia
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Wim Pacolet
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
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Baltics, Scandinavia, UK+ Ireland, Ucraine
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Spain, Canary Islands, Portugal
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Martin Schuh