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platform on plant nutrition

From professionals for professionals: With the KALI Academy, we as experts in the field of plant nutrition provide interested farmers, traders, consultants, and future farmers with valuable information and practical tips bundled on a knowledge platform.  Whether it's information you can access online or interactively in our webinars - benefit from our comprehensive knowledge for your success!

Specialist knowledge

Well-informed about plant nutrition

Here we have compiled important specialist knowledge on plant nutrition for you. Learn everything about nutrients and the optimal fertilization of numerous crops. We have looked into particularly exciting aspects of plant nutrition in the FACTS WORTH KNOWING section. 


First hand expertise

Experience live lectures

Information on relevant aspects of plant nutrition - concrete, effective and at first hand directly from experts. This is what awaits you in our interactive KALI Academy webinars. You will follow an interesting live lecture and are also very welcome with your individual questions!

Further knowledge

For those who want to learn more


Let’s get interactive: In our helpful tools, all it takes is a few clicks to identify nutrient deficiency symptoms, determine fertilizer requirements, or keep track of data in different nutrient forms. 

Agricultural know-how

We conduct research and give advice

Whether it's good yields and the excellent quality, the conservation of soil fertility or the efficient use of resources -  KALI Academy supports farmers worldwide with information on all aspects of fertilization. How do we know all this? We get to the bottom of plant nutrition in field trials and research projects. We are also happy to advise you on your individual questions.