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Nutrient requirements vary from crop to crop. Our K+S experts are prepared to support you by providing essential information on optimal crop nutrition. Use our tools for your optimal fertilizer application now for free. Besides detailed explanations of deficiency symptoms, you can convert nutrient amounts.

Deficiency symptoms a-z

Identify and fix nutrient deficiencies

Whenever plants are not supplied with the appropriate amount of nutrients, nutrient deficiency symptoms will manifest. We now need to identify them to be able to fix them immediately with a foliar fertilization. Simply select your type of crop -  and you will immediately see photographs and descriptions of the deficiency symptoms relating to the various nutrients.

Advice: Recognize nutrient deficiencies at a glance


At first glance, the affected leaves provide valuable clues. Nutrients such as potassium or magnesium are particularly mobile within the plant. They are transported with the phloem current to younger parts of the plant. Therefore, deficiency symptoms are mainly observed on the older leaves. In contrast, an undersupply of sulfur, manganese, or boron is first noticeable on young leaves. These nutrients are relatively immobile in the plant. Newly formed plant parts have to do without them and form necroses or chloroses.


Useful tools

Tools for fertilizer recommendation and nutrient conversion


With the KALI TOOLBOX, you can identify deficiency symptoms directly in the field via your smartphone or tablet. You can also calculate nutrient removal rates and derive the required fertilizer quantity. Download now for free:

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