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Natural plant nutrients

We help farmers secure the world's food supply. Our fertilizers are used on many continents - from the wheat fields of Europe, to the rice terraces of Asia, to the coffee plantations of South America.

K+S potassium and magnesium fertilizers increase the yield and quality of harvests all over the world. Our products and our well-founded agronomic expertise help farmers to supply their crops with plant nutrients in order to achieve the best possible results in the field.

Our plant nutrients

We extract plant nutrients from mining and refine them into soil, leaf and fertigation fertilizers. Due to their natural origin, many of our fertilizers are approved for use in organic farming.

Soil fertilizer

Our soil fertilizers contain potassium, magnesium and sulfur. They are suitable as individual fertilizers for basic fertilization, for mixtures and for further processing.


Leaf fertilizer

In addition to magnesium and sulfur, our leaf fertilizers in the EPSO family also contain the important micronutrients boron, manganese and zinc, and supply your crops quickly and effectively.

Fertigation fertilizer

Our fully water-soluble fertigation fertilizers from the solu family provide your crops with potassium, sulfur and other important nutrients with the irrigation system.

Animal Nutrition

An adequate supply of minerals is a key factor for the health of pets and livestock. With our products you not only receive outstanding quality, but you can also be certain that the products comply in all aspects with EU legal regulations and are certified according to well-known quality assurance systems.

KALI Academy® – by professionals, for professionals

The KALI Academy offers you valuable information and practical tips about plant nutrition bundled in a single knowledge platform. Use our knowledge for your success!


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We can support you with tailor-made fertilizer recommendations. Our regional consultants will help you meet the various requirements for different crops and geographical locations. For more information on the products and their applications, please contact us.





With the KALI-TOOLBOX you can identify deficiency indications directly on the field with your smartphone or tablet. Nutrient depletion and the required amount of fertilizer can be calculated. Download now for free.

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