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Current developments

Food security


We enrich life for generations

The products and services provided by K+S are indispensable for supplying the population in the areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food production, agriculture and animal feed. We also contribute to an efficient waste management industry by utilizing our underground caverns.

Press Release of November 30, 2022

Bond buy-back successfully completed

K+S has completed the buy-back of the outstanding bonds maturing in 2024 (ISIN: XS1854830889) as planned. The Company is therefore reducing its financial liabilities by a further €116.4 million.

Press Release of November 10, 2022

Further strong increase in revenues, earnings, and cash flow

K+S almost doubled its revenues in the third quarter to €1.47 billion. At €633 million, EBITDA more than quintupled compared to the prior-year quarter. Higher average prices in the Agriculture customer segment and for industrial products containing potash more than offset lower sales volumes in both customer segments as well as increased costs for energy, materials, and freight.

Video interview with CEO Dr. Burkhard Lohr

In the interview, K+S CEO Burkhard Lohr describes the development in the third quarter of 2022. He also talks about the energy crisis effects and explains the forecast for the year as a whole.

Press Release of October 17, 2022

K+S sets up Werra plant for the future

K+S is taking a major step in the strategic optimization of its existing business and the further reduction of the environmental footprint of domestic potash production. The extensive “Werra 2060” project strengthens competitiveness and extends the life of the Werra plant with increased and more stable production in the long term. It secures jobs and value creation in the region in the long term and ensures that K+S can continue to supply its customers with future-oriented products.

Video interview with CEO Dr. Burkhard Lohr

In an interview, Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the K+S Executive Board, explains the planning for the conversion of the Werra site. K+S will become more competitive and also significantly reduces the site’s environmental impact.

K+S plant in Canada

2021 Annual Report

The turnaround has been accomplished.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the strong increase in potash prices, above-average winter business and the one-off cash effect of approx. EUR 220 million from the REKS joint venture led to a successful financial year for K+S with positive free cash flow of EUR 92.7 million.

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Strategy & Goals

Optimize existing business, develop core business, establish new business areas ► The K+S Strategy

Focus on four business segments

K+S's business is focused on four segments: Agriculture, Industry, Consumers, and Communities. In all areas, the same principle applies: The customer is at the center of our actions.

About K+S sites

K+S - With it's roots in the region, at home all over the world

With roots in the region, at home all over the world. K+S has production sites in Europe and North America, as well as further distribution sites in Africa and Asia.

One Group - many career paths: discover the wide range of job opportunities at K+S

About 11,000 employees work for us at 50 sites around the world. Find out more about national and international career opportunities here.

We care

We strive for sustainability, because we acknowledge our responsibility to the people, the environment, the communities, and the economy in the regions in which we operate.

K+S Sustainability


As a provider of mineral products for the areas of Agriculture, Industry, Consumers and Communities, we think and act with foresight.