We enrich life for generations

The products and services of K+S are crucial for supplying the population in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food production, agriculture and animal feed. By using our underground caverns, we also contribute to an orderly waste management system.

Ad hoc disclosure of July 20, 2021

K+S Aktiengesellschaft: EBITDA in Q2/2021 expected to be significantly above previous year's level

On the basis of preliminary earnings figures, EBITDA for the K+S Group in Q2/2021 amounts to about €110 million (Q2/2020: €52.7 million). The closing of accounts is still ongoing.

Press release of June 29, 2021

K+S reduces financial liabilities by €560 million through successful buy-back of bonds

Read our latest publications about "K+S reduces financial liabilities by €560 million through successful buy-back of bonds".

Figures for Q1/2021

Increased revenues and EBITDA - 2021 forecast raised

In an interview, Dr. Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S, talks about the development of business in the first quarter as well as the outlook for 2021.

K+S Annual Report 2020. Young apprentice with facial mask.

Annual Report 2020

Read all numbers and facts about K+S in our new 2020 Annual Report.

Difficult conditions: The declined EBITDA from continuing and discontinued operations in 2020 (2019: €640 million) was mainly attributable to lower potash prices, a weaker de-icing salt business due to weather conditions, corona, and one-off expenses associated with the restructuring of the administrative functions.

K+S pharmaceutical salt (APISAL®) is produced by a highly developed evaporated salt process and contains no additives.

Transportation medium for the corona vaccine

The Biontech/Pfizer corona vaccine COMIRNATY® is only applicable with the addition of high-purity sodium chloride solution. K+S is one of the largest manufacturers of the pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride required for this purpose.

corona pandemic

Dealing with the corona pandemic

It is part of our social responsibility to serve the needs of our customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, food production, animal feed and agricultural sectors in the best possible way and to ensure the safe disposal of waste.

Digitalization in Africa’s agriculture

Together with local partners, K+S offers the EzyAgric App in Africa, which helps small-scale farmers to improve their harvests thereby raising their standard of living.

Focus on four business segments

K+S's business is focused on four segments: agriculture, industry, consumers, and communities. The same applies in all segments: The customer is the focus of our activities.

About K+S sites

K+S - With it's roots in the region, at home all over the world

Regionally sourced, worldwide. K+S has production sites in Europe and North America, with additional distribution sites in Africa and Asia.

1 company, 1,000 possibilities: The wide range of career opportunities at K+S

More than 11,000 employees work for us at 50 sites worldwide. Here you will find detailed information about national and international entry and career opportunities.

We care

We strive for sustainability, because we acknowledge our responsibility to the people, the environment, the communities, and the economy in the regions in which we operate.

K+S Sustainability


As a provider of mineral products for the areas of Agriculture, Industry, Consumers and Communities, we think and act with foresight.