Our selection of soil,
fertigation, and foliar fertilizers

We extract plant nutrients from mining operations and refine them into soil, foliar, and fertigation fertilizers. Due to their natural origin, many of our fertilizers are approved for use in organic farming.

Product data sheets

You are looking for technical data sheets, safety data sheets or declaration data sheets?

You will find the respective information on the relevant product pages. Please select the product in the filter list above. If the corresponding product is not listed, please contact us by e-mail to request the product data sheet you are looking for.

Technical data sheets

The technical data sheets provide you with the typical specification as well as important physical parameters for our K+S fertilizers. Furthermore, they include valuable information on application and storage as well as on relevant legislations and certificates.

Safety data sheets

Declaration data sheets, box labels, shipping documents and big bag labels

Animal Nutrition

An adequate supply of minerals is a crucial factor for the health of pets and livestock. With our products, you not only receive excellent quality, but you can also be sure that the products comply in all aspects with the EU legal regulations and are certified according to well-known quality assurance systems.

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