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Animal Nutrition

We make sure that animals get the nutrients they need

Animals cannot live without minerals. They ensure good physical development and have a positive influence on performance and well-being. K+S feed makes sure that pets, livestock, wild animals, and even aquacultures, receive a balanced supply of nutrients.

Feed salt

Feed salt serves the feed industry as an important source of nutrients and helps to keep the sodium balance of animals in balance. The rock salt product is also available iodized and in specially adapted grain sizes.

Lick blocks

K+S salt and mineral licks supply livestock as well as wild animals with vital sodium chloride and micronutrients. They are available in various sizes, pure or enriched with minerals and micronutrients.


More than just a raw material supplier

All K+S feed salts are from our own deposits. Thanks to our many years of international cooperation with the feed industry, we are regarded as a reliable partner worldwide. Our products meet high quality standards and are manufactured in accordance with strict safety and animal health criteria. Our livestock salt, animal feed and lick blocks are suitable for both conventional and organic farming and meet all the requirements of the EU guidelines for animal feed and for GMP+ certification.


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GMP+ FC Scheme 2020

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GMP+ FC Scheme 2020

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Which minerals do what?

For a balanced nutrient supply, pets and livestock need minerals. The most important facts about potassium, sodium, and magnesium at a glance:



Among other things, sodium maintains the osmotic pressure in the cells, regulates the water balance, and plays an outstanding role in the impulse transmission in nerve tissue and the conduction of stimulation in muscle fibers. Together with chlorine, it is indispensable for the regulation of the acid/base balance. A lack of sodium can cause loss of appetite, low performance and weight loss.



Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes in the body and is essential for cell function. Potassium performs several tasks in metabolism, muscle activity and nerve function. Potassium is particularly important for pets. It provides a balanced diet and can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. In farm animals, potassium is used, for example, to treat heat stress. Since the body cannot store it, potassium must be consumed daily in sufficient quantities through food.



As an essential mineral, magnesium must be supplied daily with food. It plays a central role for bones and nerve functions. Especially highly stressed and nervous animals can benefit from an increased magnesium supply. For the metabolism and the functioning of the muscles as well as for the cardiovascular system, the magnesium supply is also indispensable. Magnesium in sulphate form is a valuable alternative to other magnesium compounds.

Pond salt

A certain salt concentration contributes to mobility and activity of fish. Pond salt is particularly suitable for use in freshwater and ornamental fish ponds as well as fish aquariums.


Your contacts for sales and service

The K+S sales center is located in Kassel. An extensive distribution network means that our products can be found in almost all markets in Europe and overseas.


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