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High-quality culinary salts for delicious meals

Whether as a spice, culinary salt or preservative: salt has been an essential component of our diet for thousands of years. We provide a steady supply.

Salt used to be considered white gold and it still plays a vital role for us today. Whether as a spice, table salt, or preservative - salt is an essential component of our diet. As in many other areas, quality is what counts. Cooking with high-quality products is a social trend. This also includes a guaranteed quality of culinary salt. This is where we come in: K+S salts are produced and packaged using the most modern processes and in strict compliance with the highest quality, hygiene and safety standards. This enables us to contribute to a safe, high-quality diet and we also help make food delicious!

Our table salt brands

Our table salt portfolio

We produce a variety of high-quality table salt products in various household packaging. Their handling and design are adapted to the respective intended use as well as to country-specific habits and requirements. Take a look at the products of our well-known regional brands here:

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Our different types of salt

The portfolio of K+S salt products includes rock, sea, and vacuum salt in various grain sizes. They are available with or without iodine, enriched with fluoride and folic acid as well as with herbs and spices. H

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Rock salt

More than 250 million years ago, large parts of Europe were covered by the so-called Zechstein Sea - a huge, salt-laden inland sea. Earth displacement and sedimentation by alluvial layers of soil ensured that a precious layer of salt lies deep underground today. Under our premium brand SALDORO, we market this pure, unrefined rock salt as Ursalz. A special feature: We have unique, rare pink deposits in Germany that are sold as SALDORO Ursalz.


Sea salt

Our sea salt is obtained from salt marshes in the Mediterranean region. Heat, sun, wind and dryness are important climatic conditions for sea salt extraction. The sea water is channeled into shallow basins and dries out naturally and slowly thanks to climatic factors. What remains are salt crystals that are harvested. Depending on the production process or location, the sea salt is usually washed and dried during further processing.


Vacuum salt

For the production of vacuum salt, the salty water from salt mines, the so-called brine, is evaporated. The brine is boiled in large, closed containers, where the water evaporates and salt crystals form. The resulting salt slurry is skimmed off, and the vacuum salt obtained is dried, sieved and further processed into our K+S vacuum salts.

Special salts for around the house

Water softening, dishwashing, or icy surfaces: We have many special products in our portfolio that have been specially developed for use in specific areas.


Water softening

Hard water can damage equipment and plumbing. Lime deposits, for example, reduce the efficiency of heating systems, affect household appliances and the performance of fittings. The best solution is a water softener and AXAL PRO salt products, which ensure trouble-free operation. Benefit from the many advantages of soft water.

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