Water Treatment

We make water soft

Soft water is essential in many areas. From gastronomy to car washes to hospitals: Our products prevent limescale deposits and keep water softeners running smoothly. In addition, they ensure particularly skin-friendly disinfection of swimming pools.

Water softener

AXAL PRO salt products prevent limescale deposits and ensure the proper operation of ion exchange systems. The patented, convex shape of the salt tablets and their low content of fine particles offer optimized solubility and dissolving speed.

Further products for water softening

In many industrial and commercial applications, soft water is essential and is used in the worlds of gastronomy and hotels as well as in hospitals and launderettes. In addition to AXAL Pro, we offer further solutions for these businesses:


Vacuum salt tablets

Regenit salt tablets are made from the purest vacuum salt and compacted at high pressure under controlled conditions. They satisfy the process and system requirements for water softeners based on ion exchanger resins.


Compacted vacuum salt

Regesal compacted vacuum salt is made from the purest vacuum salt. The optimized grain size ensures a maximum solubility and dissolving speed.


Pure rock salt

Rock salt 18-5 offers optimum application properties for use in large commercial water softening plants. It is used specifically for water softening via ion exchange.


Your contacts for sales and service

The K+S sales center is located in Kassel. An extensive distribution network means that our products can be found in almost all markets in Europe and overseas.


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