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Here you'll find contributions and information about all aspects of sustainability. It has many facets which can be addressed and supported in many different ways. We at K+S, actively support sustainability in many different ways too. 


Sustainability News

Covering of tailings piles
Where fox and hare say good night to each other on the green tailings pile

View from the green tailings pile down to the plant; the Steinhuder Meer, a few kilometers away, can be seen at the back left of the picture

The Sigmundshall tailings surprises with green grass, colorful flowers and a great variety of animals.

UN Global Compact Yearbook 2020
K+S presents product value impacting in the UN Global Compact Yearbook 2020

Cover from the UN Global Compact Yearbook 2020

As one of the best practices, K+S presents product value impacting in the Yearbook celebrating 20 years of the UN Global Compact.

Wild spaces
Experience nature – let plants grow

Not mowed area with wild flowers

Biodiversity is declining and less and less natural habitats are available for animal and plant species. Recent studies have shown that over 30% of insect and bird populations in Europe have noticeably declined. With the so-called wild spaces, we as K+S want to counteract this trend by providing natural habitats for animal and plant species.

Nature conservation compensation measure Malchustal

Oak alley

Bringing industry and nature in harmony: K+S takes nature into account when expanding tailings pile and creates a regional balance, which creates new habitats. 

Nature conservation
Creating added value for plants and animals

Bee on flower

The number of animal and plant species has fallen dramatically worldwide. In Germany alone, over 7,000 animal species are considered endangered or are acutely threatened with extinction. Nature conservation concerns everyone. Everyone can make a contribution to protecting flora and fauna.

Strategy for a sustainable Europe
Signatory to the "CEO's Call to Action"

Dr. Burkhard Lohr, signatory of  „CEO´s Call to Action“

CEO Dr. Burkhard Lohr signs "CEO's Call To Action" for a sustainable Europe.

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