Environment & Resources

Active commitment to environmentally friendly production

K+S continuously work on minimizing the impact on nature associated with the extraction and processing of raw materials. We use state-of-the-art mining and treatment methods to achieve environmentally friendly production and a high level of economic efficiency at the same time. Through active research and development, we are always operating at the cutting edge. 

Area of action Environment & Resources

Concrete Goals and KPIs

A river flows through a forest

Resource Efficiency

The efficient use of resources plays a very decisive role for K+S. Our efforts are aimed at the responsible handling of liquid and solid mining residues. We want to continue to reduce our saline waste water and develop new disposal options. By the end of 2021, K+S will no longer disposal waste water into subsurface (deep well injection) in Germany and will further reduce discharges into surface waters. Furthermore, 500,000 m3 of saline process water from potash production is to be reduced annually in Germany by 2030. Solid residues are produced in the mining industry during the extraction and processing of potash crude salts. By 2030, K+S wants to be able to use three million tons of residue annually for other purposes than tailings piles. We want to reduce the environmental impact of tailings piles in the future by further covering.

Freight cars from K+S on a railroad line

Energy & Climate

We will reduce our CO2 emissions by 10 percent by 2030 compared with 2020. With the help of our climate protection fund, further greenhouse gas reduction projects will be promoted and implemented. In the area of transport, we want to work with our logistics partners to reduce emissions by 10 percent by 2030.

Environmental management

Our environmental management supports us in achieving our goals. It is coordinated Group-wide and across all topics. The Group companies specify requirements. The sites are also assisted in the implementation process to continuously improve our HSE performance. This is achieved through the ongoing introduction of management systems based on DIN EN ISO 14001 for environmental management and DIN EN ISO 50001 for energy management for key sites. National and international expert committees have been set up to increase efficiency and to exchange experience.

Further areas of action

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