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Business Ethics & Human Rights

Integrity & sense of responsibility guide our actions

K+S is a reliable partner to its customers, suppliers and the community in which it operates. A high level of competence in all our business segments is just as important to us as the right way of dealing with one another. It goes without saying that every employee's actions are characterized by integrity and a sense of responsibility. Our commitment to human rights extends to all internationally recognized human rights.

Our Engagement

K+S is a reliable partner for customers, suppliers and the wider community. For us, it is a matter of course that our employees act with integrity and a sense of responsibility. We conduct our business in a manner that respects human rights and the dignity of all people. K+S calls for fair, sustainable business practices in supply chains and has formulated corresponding expectations and requirements in the K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct (Code).

For us, compliance is more than just compliance with statutory regulations, official approvals, regulatory standards acknowledged by the Company, such as our acknowledgement of the UN Global Compact, and internal regulations.Our compliance management system ensures that the applicable law, our internal rules and the regulatory standards recognized by the company are known throughout the Group and that compliance can be monitored. Compliance is an integral part of our corporate culture, based on our ONE K+S values

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Concrete Goals and KPIs

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Sustainable Supply Chains

We also demand compliance with a sustainable approach from our suppliers along the entire supply chain in order to align all business activities with our values. By 2025, the K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct is expected to cover more than 90 percent of our spend. All of our suppliers with a high sustainability risk will be required to commit to our values by 2025.

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Compliance is an integral part of the K+S corporate culture. We have set ourselves the goal of covering all K+S companies with a globally standardized and regular compliance risk analysis by the end of 2023. We regard it as a matter of course that breaches of compliance are pursued and penalties imposed.

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