Sustainability management
K+S Sustainability Management

Commitment to sustainability goals

With its corporate strategy, K+S is clearly committed to sustainability. We have set ourselves ambitious targets in the three pillars of sustainability: Society & Employees, Environment & Resources, and Business Ethics & Human Rights. We regularly report on our material sustainability topics and the progress of our sustainability goals & KPIs in our Annual Report. We regularly evaluate our performance through external sustainability ratings and rankings.


Clear commitment to sustainability

K+S strives for sustainability and acknowledges its responsibility towards people, the environment, communities and the economy in the regions in which it operates. The claim is to enrich life for generations and to be a pioneer for environmentally friendly and sustainable mining. This is the basis of the corporate strategy. The K+S sustainability program is an integral part of this.

The definition of concrete targets up to 2030 and the regular reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) makes our progress measurable. The targets adopted by the Board of Executive Directors were developed by the specialist units and the Sustainability Department. Each member of the K+S Board of Executive Directors is also a personal sponsor of the goals and actively drives their implementation.

Topics with concrete sustainability goals & KPIs and overarching areas of action

Sustainability Goals

Society & Employees, Environment & Resources, Business Ethics & Human Rights ► The K+S 2030 Sustainability Goals

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