Mission Statement
Mission Statement

We enrich life for generations

What we extract comes from nature and strengthens nature: our products are indispensable for people, animals, and plants. Through our products, we succeed in promoting health, growth, and quality of life. We have set ourselves high standards in accomplishing this — with a long-term perspective. We act sustainably and provide for both our employees and our customers. From generations ago and for generations to come.

We ensure nutrition, health, and safety.

With our work, we contribute to securing the food supply for a growing world population. We supply people, animals, and plants with salts essential for their health. In winter, our de-icing salt ensures road safety. With our products, we keep processes running safely and efficiently in numerous industries.

We enable the success of our customers.

Our products and services stand for quality and reliability. In the cooperation with our customers and partners, we focus on trust and long-term relationships. With our new alignment, we are now approaching our customers even closer and more directly, for future-oriented solutions. In the application advice for our customers, we jointly strive for the best results.

We are pioneers in environmentally friendly and sustainable mining.

We set global standards in protecting the environment and climate. These in-clude ESTA — the dry processing of crude salts developed by us, as well as the development of low-emission explosives, and the recovery of nutrients from production water. We have clear and ambitious sustainability goals. Occupational safety and the health of our colleagues take precedence over revenues and profits. Our Research & Development focuses on the efficient and innovative utilization of natural resources.

We leverage our unique infrastructure for economic efficiency.

Our sites offer much more than raw mate-rials. Their specific features are the basis of new business models not only for us, but also for our partners. We develop inno-vative utilization concepts: These range from new disposal solutions and our tailings piles covering to the potential utilization of our underground caverns, for instance the process of decarbonization.

We act as a partner with our communities.

We are an important economic factor in the regions in which we operate. We assume responsibility — as a reliable employer, as a strong partner to our regional suppliers and service providers, and through our local social, charitable, and community commit-ment. In the spirit of close relations with our neighbors, we foster an intensive exchange with all communities in which we operate.


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Michael Wudonig
Spokesman for corporate topics
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