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Waste management

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Waste management


Waste management

Long-term safety


Daily Update

To all our valued customers and interested parties,

You can find all the up-to-date information regarding the disposal situation in the K+S plants here.

Currently, all of our operations are running without significant restrictions. In individual cases, through organizational measures, small reductions in the acceptance capacity are possible.

K+S has formed an emergency task force for the Corona virus. We have implemented various precautionary measures to ensure that our processes continue to run and will adjust these measures, if needed, depending on changes in the situation. Read More

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Waste management

Our lives and economies leave behind waste, some if which is unavoidable. This makes it all the more important to deal with it responsibly. This is what the Waste Management department stands for. The range of our services is second to none. Together, we will find the right solution for your waste. Our focus is always on the highest safety standards.


Our core business

We started in 1972 as pioneers of underground waste disposal in Herfa-Neurode, the first of its kind worldwide. Today, we are also specialists in underground recovery. In the areas of the mine that are no longer in use, where the raw materials were previously removed, we now dispose of waste safely for the long term.

We offer:

Solutions without maintenance

  • The geological conditions of our mines are ideal. Rock and salt layers several hundred meters thick separate your waste from the biosphere safely and without the need for maintenance.

Certified quality

  • We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and EfbV (Waste Disposal Regulation). This way, we ensure through regular controls that our own processes and those of our partners meet the high quality standards of K+S.

Extensive support

  • K+S also assumes and coordinates all related tasks on request. This includes consulting, analyses, the necessary permits, packaging and transportation. For all these services, we have our own experts and teams within the Group.

In addition to our core disposal service, we take care of the necessary analyses, packaging and transportation. What services can we use to help your project move forward?

Waste managment solutions

The right solution for your requirements

The characteristics of your waste determine the optimal way of disposal. We will find the best solution for you, because we are well positioned. We have the most possibilities in the industry due to the large number of locations and technologies.

Offer: We will prepare it quickly


For a non-binding quote, we only need these four pieces of information from you:

  1. Origin of waste
  2. Solids analysis
  3. Delivery method (silo, big bag, or other)
  4. Amount of waste

Approval: We know the essentials

Zulassung Entsorgungsnachweis

A condition for the disposal of your waste is the authorized certification of disposal. Depending on the type of waste, different measures are required which we will be happy to take care of and coordinate for you:

  • Review of the exclusion criteria
  • Review of site-specific criteria
  • Obtaining case-related advice from expert bodies
  • Applying for mining approval for remediation waste
  • Declaration analysis in the accredited laboratory of the Analytics and Research Center of K+S AG

Things changed? We are prepared!

Dinge die sich ändern

If things should turn out differently than planned, the versatility of our plants and processes means that we can  switch gears while the process is running:

  • If the nature of your waste changes, we check whether one of our other remediation sites is suitable. If this is not possible either, we turn to disposal.
  • If the amount of waste increases, acceptance is guaranteed because of our huge capacities.
  • If your waste is suitable for several locations, we will find the best solution for you thanks to our material flow management.

We will always find the right solution for your needs!

Disposal sites

Easy to reach from anywhere

No matter where, we are easily accessible!

Underground disposal

Underground Waste Disposal Herfa-Neurode
36266 Heringen
Underground Waste Disposal Plant Zielitz
Farsleber Str. 1
39326 Zielitz

Underground recovery

Underground Recovery Plant Hattorf
Nipper Straße 33
36269 Philippsthal
Underground Recovery Plant Wintershall
36266 Heringen
Underground Recovery Plant Unterbreizbach
B84 zwischen Sünna und Buttlar auf halber Strecke abfahren
36414 Unterbreizbach
Underground Recovery Plant Bernburg
Kustrenaer Weg 7
06406 Bernburg
Underground Recovery Plant Zielitz
Farsleber Str. 1
39326 Zielitz

Other locations

REKAL®-Plant Sigmundshall
Tienberg 25
31515 Wunstorf