Pond salt

Feed salts
Pure natural rock salt for ponds and aquariums
10 kg

Product information

Dissolved in water in various concentrations,pond salt of K+S is used for different purposes. A specific salt concentration in water helps fish to reduce their stress levels, for instance if they have been transported a long way or have moved to a new pond. A certain salt content improves mobility and activity in sluggish fish. Moreover, it stimulates mucosal tissue formation and prevents diseases. It also provides effective protection against parasites.

Pond salt helps to reduce the growth of algae in the water. We recommend first making up a brine which is then introduced slowly and in measured doses into the pond or aquarium water and distributed evenly. Otherwise, concentration gradients can occur in the water. Always seek the advice of a professional, too.

Product properties:

  • proven quality
  • especially suitable for Koi carp
  • pure natural salt
  • free from additives

Application areas


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