KaSa Mag98®

Feed salts
Two grazing cows (4:3)
Magnesium sulphate for application in animal feed
25 kg
Big Bag

Product information

To supply animals with magnesium, we offer you our product KaSa Mag98, high-purity magnesium sulphate of natural origin. We produce KaSa Mag98 in Germany in line with the regulations of DIN EN ISO 9001ff. The product is QS-recognised and is certified in accordance with GMP+, correspond to the EU food and feed law and is also suitable for the use as feed materials in organic farming. If you have any queries, please contact us.

Product properties:

  • as feed material in the compound feed industry
  • feed material certified in accordance with GMP+ and recognised by QS
  • premium quality and natural origin
  • suitable for use in organic agriculture
  • used in feed for pets and livestock

Magnesium in animal nutrition

Application areas


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