Potassium sulfate 99.9% K2SO4, FCC, E515

Food supplements and firming agents
20-051-33-LV1-Potassium Sulphate special fine häufchen heller HiGu
Potassium sulfate for food production applications
25 kg
Big Bag (1000 kg)

Product information

Our potassium sulfate 99.9% FCC is a high-purity mineral salt. This natural product can be used without maximum quantity restriction. Excellent free-flowing properties and clear solubility in water are convincing features. The food industry mainly uses it as an acidity regulator, as a firming agent, as a carrier for additives, or in food supplements. 

Product properties:

  • colorless crystalline powder
  • high solubility in water
  • without anti-caking agents, as not hygroscopic
  • complies with the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC)
  • highest purity (99.9%) 
  • particularly low content of secondary salts
  • natural product from own mines

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