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Business segments & Products

K+S is a customer-focused provider

The four customer segments illustrate where we focus our thoughts and activities: The focus is always on the customer and their needs.
Dr. Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors (source: WELT)

Focus on the four business segments

K+S's business is focused on four segments: Agriculture, industry, consumers, and communities. All of these are focused on the customer.

Our products

Our plant fertilizers support agriculture by providing the opportunity to grow healthy harvests and are also largely approved for organic farming. We provide industries high-quality potash, magnesium and salt products for various applications. For consumers, we provide table salt, salt for water softening, dishwasher and de-icing salts, as well as sea salt, kosher and reduced-sodium salt.

Product brands

Whether for professional applications or directly for consumers - we are represented worldwide with various brands on countless shopping shelves.

Our services

In addition to products, we also offer suitable services. These include underground disposal as well as tranportation and logistics services.