Pitman holding rock of salt (5:2)

Our variety at a glance

Customers in all business segments have always trusted the K+S brands. Whether in a professional environment or directly for consumers. We are represented worldwide with various brands on countless shopping shelves.

K+S Agriculture business segment


With our wide range of soil, fertigation, and foliar fertilizers, as well as accompanying advice, we help farmers worldwide to achieve high yields and best crop qualities.

Our product families

K+S business segment Industry


We offer potassium, magnesium and salt products in various purity grades and granulations as well as numerous services for many industries - all from a single source.

Table salt is sprinkled on salad


For seasoning your food, softening water or de-icing the sidewalk around your house - our salt range, which also includes premium brands such as SALDORO, Cérébos and AXAL, meets all household needs.

K+S business segment communities


With our de-icing salts, we provide clear and safe roads in cities and communities. We rely on a particularly pure and effective mixture of fine and coarse salt crystals.