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Customers in all business segments have always trusted the K+S brands. Whether in a professional environment or directly for consumers. We are represented worldwide with various brands on countless shopping shelves. In the USA, everyone has heard of MORTON SALT's "Umbrella Girl".


With our large selection of soil, fertigation and leaf fertilizers, and together with our expert advice, we support farmers around the world in achieving high yields and getting the best quality out of their harvested products. 

Soil fertilizers

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Fertigation fertilizers


We offer potassium, magnesium and salt products in various purity grades and granulations as well as numerous services for many industries - all from a single source.


This special melting salt stands for best results in the melting of secondary aluminium. It has an ideal melting point, is dry and particularly pure. The KCl content can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our customers.


Sodium chloride is an essential raw material for the pharmaceutical and medical industries and is used in dialysis and infusion solutions. APISAL® is free of bacterial endotoxins and exceeds the purity requirements of pharmaceutical standards.


With at least 99.9 % sodium chloride, AXAL® PRO ensures perfect operation of your ion exchange system for water softening. Our salt tablets exceed the requirements set for regeneration salts.



NUTRIKS is the brand of K+S Minerals und Agriculture GmbH for the food industry. The product range includes natural rock salt, high-purity vaccum salt and natural sea salt as well as potassium chloride and epsom salt from natural sources.



NUTIRKS KaliSel is used in the production of a wide range of food products. As a valuable source of potassium, it is also very suitable for enriching foods with minerals.



Specially developed for the requirements of oil and gas wells, k-Drill® is a product portfolio of excellent additives. The product family offers potassium chloride and potassium sulphate in various degrees of purity as well as magnesium chloride.


A sufficient supply of minerals is a key factor for the well-being of pets and livestock. Leading international producers enrich their feeds with KaSa Mag98® and KaSa K99®.



For 50 years Montanal has stood for efficient aluminum recycling. High-quality, pure and with a residual moisture content of less than one percent, it fulfils the decisive prerequisites for the best results in metal yield.


MORTON® PUREX® is our food grade granulated sodium chloride for the US market. In the food industry it is used in the production of bakery products, dairy products, soups, sauces and spreads.



Fast-dissolving, MORTON® STAR FLAKE® DENTRIC SALT helps accelerate food production in the US market and can save costs. Its unique and versatile physical properties also ensure low bulk density.


Developed with leading animal nutrition experts, our salt licks provide both farm and wild animals with minerals and micronutrients.


Whether as a spice, culinary salt or preservative: salt has been an essential component of our diet for thousands of years. We provide a steady supply.


With our de-icing salts, we provide clear and safe roads in cities and communities. We rely on a particularly pure and effective mixture of fine and coarse salt crystals.

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