Sales Europe

Our sales network in Europe

The K+S Headquarter is located in Kassel, Germany. Our Sales and Market Manager as well as a worldwide network of companies and Sales Agents enables our products to be present in nearly every market in Europe and Overseas.


Contact Network and Modern Logistics for Reliable Merchandise Flow

The high level of competence throughout the logistics division of K+S reliably guarantees fast, dependable and flexible delivery service to our customers. We offer our products in bulk as well as packed. For more information on packaging and delivery options, please contact your local partner.

In our interactive map, you can find your responsible Sales and Contact partner at K+S depending on your region.

 Emmanouil Sakellariou (1:1)
Emmanouil Sakellariou
Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Cyprus, Macedonia
Eszter Zsom (1:1)
Eszter Zsom
Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia
K+S Czech Republic a.s.
Czech Republic, Slowakia
K+S Italia S.r.l.
K+S Polska sp. z.o.o.
K+S France S.A.S.
France, Switzerland
Johannes Böhle
Wim Pacolet
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Sven Ehle
Baltics, Scandinavia, UK+ Ireland, Ukraine
K+S UK & Eire Ltd.
UK, Ireland
Carlos Montero
Spain, Canary Islands, Portugal
Martin Schuh (1:1)
Martin Schuh