Supplier registration
Supplier registration

Becoming a partner

Interested in working with us? You can find out how here.


At first, please send us your application as a supplier to

Please note the following: Write "Application as supplier" in the subject line.

Please send your company presentation as well as your range of products and services by attachment. Your application will be forwarded internally to the buyer responsible for your field. They will contact you if necessary.

Sourcing platform

K+S conducts tenders and bids using the SAP Ariba sourcing platform. In principle, we only invite companies that have already qualified as suppliers for the K+S Group or have at least applied. You will receive invitations to tender and bids by e-mail only.

If you have not yet registered for K+S in the Ariba Network, you will receive a second e-mail with the invitation to tender inviting you to register in the Ariba Network and establish a business relationship with K+S via the network. Please use the link in the registration request to register once in the Ariba Network or to link your existing Ariba Network account to the K+S account. The registration is completed after a few steps. All you have to do is fill in the mandatory fields in your supplier profile.

If you already have an active business relationship with K+S via the Ariba network (e.g. by participating in past tenders of the K+S Group using Ariba), please click on the link to the tender in the invitation. Please register with your existing data, a new registration is not necessary.

For more information on SAP Ariba for Suppliers, please visit the Ariba website. Participation in K+S tenders and auctions is free of charge (i.e. the transaction costs stated on the SAP Ariba page do not apply to participation in tenders and bids).

Your advantages as a supplier when using the sourcing platform:

  • You will find all tenders and bids to which you have been invited by K+S, including the relevant documents, on one platform.
  • You can view the current status of your tenders at any time.
  • You can communicate directly with the responsible buyer using Ariba, so that the communication can also be traced at any time.
  • Participation in tenders and auctions for K+S via Ariba Sourcing is free of charge for you as a supplier.
  • With your Ariba Sourcing access, you can be invited to tenders and bids from other customers, provided they also use the platform.
  • You can present your company in the Ariba network and make contact with potential new customers (regional and supra-regional).

Ariba FAQs

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I can't see any K+S tenders in my Ariba Network account. Where can I find the tender(s)?

Who can I contact if I need technical support?

Who can I contact if I have questions about the content or conditions of the tender?

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