Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Our values & principles

The high entrepreneurial competence of the K+S Group in its business segments is recognized by business partners and other stakeholders. This is something that has to be maintained and further developed. To this end, every employee has to act with integrity and a sense of responsibility.


Long-term entrepreneurial success is not based solely on compliance with the law. We are convinced that we will only be economically successful in the long term if our entrepreneurial activities also take ecological and social aspects into account and create trust. On this basis, we seize opportunities and carefully manage risks.


We respect the rules of free competition. We will not tolerate corruption in any form. We avoid conflicts of interest and protect the assets of the company against any abuse. We respect trade union freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Respect, fairness and trust

We treat our business partners, employees, and other stakeholders with respect and fairness. Equal opportunities and the rejection of any form of discrimination are a matter of principle for us. We promote a working atmosphere that enables an open exchange of ideas and a trusting relationship with one another.

Competence and creativitiy

We take measures to maintain and promote the competence, motivation and willingness to perform of our employees. We encourage our employees to contribute their creativity to the success of the company. We remunerate our employees in line with market conditions and performance on the basis of salary structures geared to economic success.

As a globally active company, we have recognized that intercultural competence is an important factor for our long-term success. We are systematically expanding intercultural competencies.


We provide our employees, shareholders, the capital market, the media and other stakeholders with comprehensive, truthful and understandable information.


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