Innovation and tradition: 100 years of the salt mill Olomouc

The K+S Czech Republic a.s. site in Olomouc is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. In the heart of Moravia, salt is processed here under the name Solné Mlýny, primarily for the Czech market and neighboring countries. The Solné Mlýny brand is known throughout the Czech Republic and beyond the country's borders.

The founding of the salt mill in Olomouc came at a turbulent time: in 1921, the still young Czechoslovak Republic was facing enormous economic and social challenges. Nevertheless, the import-export company Čechoslavie and the Prague Czechoslovak Legions Bank took the risk. The start of construction in 1923 marked the beginning of a new era for the Moravia region. On January 2, 1924, the salt mill went into operation - a milestone in the beginning of a long tradition.

The plant quickly developed into an important site for salt processing and brought economic growth and technological progress to the region. For the first few decades, salt only came from the Solotvino mine in Ukraine. With its modern, electrically powered machines, the plant was one of the most modern of its time. Thousands of tonnes of salt were processed and sorted, always striving to produce high-quality products. Even back then, the aim was to have as little impact on the environment as possible, which was achieved through modern technology and dust protection measures.

Since the pioneering days of salt processing, the company has developed steadily and experienced numerous changes, including several changes of ownership. From the very beginning, however, the salt mill ensured Czechoslovakia's self-sufficiency. 

The site has been part of the K+S Group since 2012 and in 2013 was renamed K+S Czech Republic a.s. Cooperation with a current K+S site, however, already began after the Second World War: since 1946, the salt to be processed has largely been sourced from our plant in Bernburg.

Today, Bernburg rock salt and other types of salt are milled, screened, and packaged at the Olomouc site. The grain sizes range from coarse to fine, depending on customer requirements. The salt is also enriched with additives such as iodine or fluorine. Applications range from table salt and the food processing industry to animal feed, licks blocks, and de-icing salt. As the only company for salt processing, packaging, and distribution in the Czech Republic and with a unique infrastructure with nationwide warehouses, Solné Mlýny salt is not only supplied to the Czech market, but also to neighboring countries such as Slovakia and the Baltic States. 

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