Guiding principles for rule-compliant behavior

With our compliance system, we ensure that the applicable law, our internal rules and guidelines and the regulatory standards recognized by the company are known throughout the Group and that their compliance can be monitored.

We want the principle of "good corporate governance" to be upheld at all levels of the Group. We do not tolerate systemic weaknesses and grievances either in the area of compliance or elsewhere. K+S pursues a zero tolerance policy against corruption and bribery.


How is compliance organized at K+S?

At K+S, the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is responsible for coordinating and documenting Group-wide compliance activities. He reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors. The CCO chairs the central Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee, to which, among other things, the compliance officers of the operating units and our companies as well as other members to be appointed by the CCO belong. The committee has the task of advising on general compliance management issues and coordinating them throughout the Group as well as regularly analyzing the general suitability of the compliance management system and making recommendations for action if adjustments are required. Material compliance violations are reported to the CCO, who reports to the Board of Executive Directors.

Responsibility for compliance lies with the heads of the operating units and central functions. They make an annual compliance declaration and are supported by the compliance officers.

The Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board regularly deals with the functionality of the compliance management system of the K+S Group.

Corporate compliance not only requires compliance with laws and regulations, but also the fundamental trust of people. The integrity and responsibility of every employee is of fundamental importance. Always and everywhere.
Dr. Burkhard Lohr
K+S sustainability goals & KPIs

Business ethics: Compliance & Anti-corruption

We have also integrated these principles of our compliance management system into our sustainability goals, provided them with a performance indicator and supported them with various concrete measures.

Our compliance and anti-corruption target by 2019 is to:

Establish a zero tolerance policy against corruption and bribery in order to avoid the risks of liability, criminal liability, loss of reputation, and financial loss.

By the end of 2019, 100% of our employees have been reached with communication measures and adequately trained in compliance issues. In order to maintain this level, we will develop and offer further training on special compliance topics in addition to our mandatory basic training for all employees.

K+S Compliance Hotline

If something's wrong, do the right thing

Every employee is called upon to report compliance violations known to them or concrete suspected cases, preferably to their supervisor, the Compliance Officer responsible, or by e-mail to

Poster Compliance Hotline 2020_EN

In addition, you have the possibility to report possible or actual violations of laws or regulations - also anonymously - and to ask questions about compliance issues via our secure electronic Compliance Hotline "SPEAK UP!" The Compliance Hotline "SPEAK UP!" is a platform through which employees and third parties can file reports by telephone or electronically.

"SPEAK UP!" is multilingual, available seven days a week, 24 hours a day and can be reached via the following link:

K+S Compliance Hotline SPEAK UP!

If there are sufficient indications of possible compliance violations, this will always be investigated. Compliance violations discovered will be punished promptly and appropriately. There is, of course, no basis for being worried about any negative consequences in the event of filing a report.


Questions about compliance?

Michael Ulm
K+S Aktiengesellschaft
Michael Ulm
Chief Compliance Officer

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