Strengthening Sustainability & Social Responsibility


In 2023, K+S and the AfB Group ("Work for people with disabilities") refurbished and remarketed hardware no longer required by the Company as part of the agreed cooperation. This will have a positive impact by creating inclusive jobs and improving our environmental footprint.

Before handing over redundant hardware to the AfB Group, the K+S Second Life unit checks whether the hardware can be reused internally or if it would make sense to transfer it between the K+S sites. The sale of hardware that is no longer required has positive effects for the sites, such as minimizing disposal or separation costs.

Between January 1 and December 31, 2023, the AfB Group processed around 4,600 IT and mobile devices handed over by K+S IT Kassel. During processing, the hardware, most of which is still in working order, is erased in a certified manner, refurbished, equipped with the latest operating system, and sold. In 2023 alone, the AfB Group remarketed 98% of the notebooks no longer needed through ReUse. By avoiding new production, not only emissions are reduced, but devices that cannot be remarketed are also professionally dismantled.

Classification of the equipment in reuse (remarketing) and recycling
Classification in reuse (remarketing) and recycling of the equipment K+S submitted

Furthermore, used hardware at AfB is not only "green", but also "social", as 5 integrative jobs were created with the exchanged IT hardware.

K+S Certification from our Cooperation partner AfB Group 2023
K+S Certification from our cooperation partner AfB Group 2023

The AfB Group is an inclusive company. Around 49% of its 650 employees are severely disabled. That's where the name "AfB" comes from: Work for people with disabilities. The AfB Group has received numerous awards for this exceptional business model, which successfully combines ecological and social sustainability.