Potassium Chloride 99.9% KCl, Ph. Eur., USP

Potassium chloride for numerous different pharmaceutical applications
Elektrolythaltige Getränke (4:3)
Our potassium chloride complies with the extremely strict requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It is produced from high-quality potassium chloride and is of exceptional chemical purity. It therefore meets the purity requirements of the European and American pharmacopoeias.
Own raw material source
CEP certificate

Product information

As primary producers, we process our own mined raw materials and can consequently guarantee consistently high product quality. This makes us one of the few KCl suppliers without dependencies.

Product properties:

  • Natural origin
  • Very high purity
  • Particularly low content of secondary salts
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - ICH-Q7
  • Complies with the requirements of the following pharmacopoeias: Ph. Eur., USP
  • CEP certificate
  • FDA registration
  • US Drug Master File (DMF)
  • Kosher and HALAL certificate

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