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Soil fertiliser Magnesia Kainit
Soil fertiliser Magnesia Kainit  full area
For organic farming Certified for Organic Farming
9% K2O
= 7.5 % K
4% MgO
= 2.4 % Mg
36% Na2O
= 26,7 % Na
8% SO3
= 3.2 % S

Product information

Magnesia-Kainit is a mined potash crude salt with natural magnesium and sulfur from kieserite.

  • For grassland and forage production, containing sodium important for animal nutrition.
  • Improves health, performance, and fertility of livestock through magnesium and sodium enrichment of the basic forage when fertilized regularly.
  • Sodium for best performance of livestock and crops requiring sodium.
  • Potassium helps in efficient water use even during drought stress.
  • Magnesium enhances root growth.
  • Sulfur is essential for protein synthesis and increases nitrogen efficiency.
  • Quickly soluble in water and immediately available to plants.
  • Independent of soil pH.
  • Four key nutrients in one product for logistical, storage, and application benefits.
  • Extracted from natural crude salt deposits in Germany.
  • Certified for use in organic farming in accordance with Regulations (EU) No. 2018/848 and (EU) No. 2021/1165. 

MINERAL FERTILIZER K2O (MgO, Na2O, SO3), 9 (+4+34+9)

K2O, water-soluble potassium oxide (= 7.5% K)
MgO, water-soluble magnesium oxide (= 2.4% Mg)
Na2O, water soluble sodium oxide (= 26,7 % Na)
SO3, water-soluble sulfur trioxide (= 3.2 % S)

Recommended Use

Suitability for Organic Farming

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