The all-rounder. Four elements – one granule. The complete solution for crops in need of sulfur.
Soil fertiliser Korn-Kali
Soil fertiliser  Korn-Kali full area
content of potassium (K) = 33.2%
content of magnesium (Mg) = 3.6%
content of sulfur (S) = 5.2%

Product information

Korn-Kali is a complex fertilizer with potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and sodium.

  • Ideal for basic potassium, magnesium, and sulfur supply.
  • Suitable for many chloride tolerant crops.
  • Maximum nutrient concentration for advantages in logistics, storage and application.
  • Contains only sulfate sulfur of natural origin (kieserite).
  • Potassium aids in efficient water use even during drought stress.
  • Magnesium increases root growth.
  • Sulfur is essential for protein synthesis and increases nitrogen efficiency.
  • Quickly soluble in water and immediately available to plants.
  • Independent of the pH-value of the soil.
  • Precise application due to narrow grain spectrum.
  • Ideal potassium fertilizer for stubble and fall fertilization.
  • Extracted from natural crude salt deposits in Germany.
  • For single application or for further processing in bulk blends.

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