ESTA® Kieserit GRAN.

Magnesium sulfur power
Soil fertiliser ESTA Kieserit gran
Soil fertiliser ESTA Kieserit gran fine full area
For organic farming Certified for Organic Farming
25% MgO
= 15.1 % Mg
52% SO3
= 20.8 % S

Product information

ESTA Kieserit GRAN. is a sulfatic magnesium and sulfur fertilizer.

  • For the targeted supply of crops in particular need of magnesium and sulfur, or in undersupplied soils.
  • Supplementary fertilization of magnesium and sulfur when using farm fertilizers, pure potash fertilizers, or NPKs.
  • For agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and special crops.
  • Round granules with particularly good spreading properties even at large spreading widths.
  • Approved for use in organic farming in accordance with Regulations (EU) No. 2018/848 and (EU) No. 2021/1165. 
  • Contains only sulfatic sulfur and magnesium of natural origin (kieserite).
  • Quickly soluble in water and immediately available to plants.
  • Acts independently of the pH of the soil.
  • No risk of soil salinization during drought.
  • Allows sulfur fertilization independent of nitrogen application.
  • Improves nitrogen uptake through good sulfur supply.
  • Magnesium increases root growth.
  • For single application or further processing in bulk blends.
  • Extracted from natural crude salt deposits in Germany.


MgO, water-soluble magnesium oxide (= 15.1% Mg)
SO3, water-soluble sulfur trioxide (= 20.8% S)

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Suitability for Organic Farming

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