Nitrogen and phosphorus – Completely water-soluble
Fertigation soluUP
Fertigation soluUP bag
17% N
44% P2O5

Product information

SoluUP is an immediately effective fertigation fertilizer with nitrogen and phosphorus. 

  • Fully water soluble and immediately available to plants.
  • Highly concentrated phosphorus with nitrogen.
  • Practically chloride-free (max. 1% Cl) and therefore particularly suitable for special crops.
  • Strongly acidic pH value.
  • Covers peak requirements in all growth phases.
  • Lowers the pH value of the spray water and improves nutrient uptake on alkaline soils.
  • Can be used as a foliar fertilizer and in fertigation systems.
  • Miscible with most plant protection products and other fertilizers (except products containing calcium and magnesium.
  • Keeps pipes and drippers clean, prevents blockages of the fertigation system.


ureic nitrogen
P2O5, water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide

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