solu Family
Fertigation soluCN
Fertigation soluCN bag
15.5% N
14.4% NO3
1.1% NH4-N
25.9% CaO

Product information

SoluCN is an immediately effective fertigation and foliar fertilizer with nitrogen and calcium.

  • Completely water-soluble and immediately available to plants.
  • Practically free of chloride and sodium.
  • Improves the uptake of calcium and other cations (e.g., Mg and K).
  • Improves plant quality and increases tolerance to pests and diseases.
  • Can be applied as a foliar fertilizer and in fertigation systems.
  • Suitable for soil-less fertigation systems.
  • Miscible with most crop protection products and other fertilizers.

MINERAL FERTILIZER Calcium Nitrate N(+CaO) 15.5(+25.9)

N, total nitrogen
NO3-N, nitrate nitrogen
NH4-N, ammonium nitrogen
CaO, water-soluble calcium oxide (= 18.5% Ca)

Recommended Use

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