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At first, please send us your application as a supplier to

Please note the following: Write "Application as supplier" in the subject line.

Please send your company presentation as well as your range of products and services by attachment. Your application will be forwarded internally to the buyer responsible for your field. If necessary, we will send you a registration invitation for the SAP Ariba network. 

SAP Ariba

The K+S Group is consistently pursuing the goal of driving digitalization. Therefore, we decided to implement SAP Ariba Buying in addition to SAP Ariba Sourcing. The aim is to make procurement processes easier and more efficient with the innovative SAP Ariba solutions and the Ariba network and to further increase collaboration with our suppliers.  

SAP Ariba Sourcing and Ariba Buying at K+S

K+S conducts tenders and bids using the SAP Ariba sourcing platform. In principle, we only invite companies that have already qualified as suppliers for K+S or have at least applied. The Ariba Buying is used as a convenient procurement solution for indirect purchasing. As a supplier, you have the possibility to publish catalogues or online shops with your products in the K+S procurement system.

What is the Ariba Network?

The Ariba Network is one of the largest business networks in the world and is a dynamic and digital marketplace. When registering in the Ariba Network, you gain access to a business network of millions of companies. It supports in efficiently expanding your existing customer relationships, identifying business opportunities as well as acquiring future/new customers.

What are the advantages for you as a supplier?

  • You have the opportunity to publish catalogues with your products in the procurement system of K+S. 
  • You can participate in K+S tenders and bids. 
  • Through increased transparency you can continuously check the entire ordering process and the current status of your tenders. 
  • You will find all tenders and auctions to which K+S has invited you, including the relevant documents, on one platform. 
  • You can communicate with the responsible purchaser directly via Ariba, so that the communication can also be tracked at any time.
  •  There are decreased process and administration costs due to automation and digitalization.
  • The participation in tenders and bids via Ariba Sourcing is free of charge for you. 
  • You can present your company in the Ariba network and get in touch with potential new customers (regional and national). 

How do you use the Ariba network?

Registration is required prior to use the Ariba Network. You have to choose between two account types, which are: Standard Account or Enterprise Account. Which account is right for you depends on the scope of your overall business relationship. If you would like to provide K+S with a catalogue or online shop, you need an Enterprise Account. Suppliers who participate in K+S tenders and bids exclusively via SAP Ariba Sourcing, only require the Standard Account. If you already have an account on the Ariba network, you can log in with your existing access data and connect to our K+S account. 

Differences between Standard Account and Enterprise Account

  Standard Account Enterprise Account
Purchase Order

Order notification via interactive e-mail
(Deposit of only one e-mail address possible)
(Deposit of several e-mail addresses possible)
Purchase order-Flip for the order confirmation Yes Yes
ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) Yes Yes
Receive order information directly into the order system (machine-to-machine integration) No Yes
In-box access on the Ariba network No Yes

SAP Ariba Support

Online Help Center

(for technical questions only)
Online Community Yes Yes
Offline Support via telephone, chat, e-mail No Yes
Direct contact and support from onboarding experts No Yes
Technical support for account configuration and account integration No Yes
Online training No Yes
ERP-Integration No Yes
Reporting No Yes
Loading of catalogs (BMECat, CIF, cXML, Excel) No Yes
Fees No Yes
(transaction and subscription fees)
Mobile App Yes Yes

Please note that your Standard Account can be upgraded to an Enterprise Account at any time. 

What fees do you have to expect?

The Standard Account is free of charge. Therefore the participation in K+S tenders and auctions is also free of charge for you. The costs of an Enterprise Account are made up of transaction-related and subscription costs. 

Transaction fees (quarterly billing)

Less than 5 documents* OR less than 43,250 €
More than 5 documents* AND more than 43,250 €

*only orders and invoices
Maximum 17,300 €/year per business relationship

Subscription fees (annual billing)

Number of documents per year
for all customer relations
Subscription Annual fees
Up to 4 documents Premium 0 €
5 to 24 documents or < 216.250 € Bronze 45 €
25 to 99 documents and > 216,250 € Silver 670 €
100 to 499 documents and > 216,250 € Gold 2,000 €
500 and more documents and > 216,250 € Platinum 4,900 €

How does the Ariba integration process work?

The individual steps for connecting to SAP Ariba are described below. Depending on the account, different connection steps are required.

Standard Account:

Enterprise Account:

Ariba FAQs

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Who can I contact if I need technical support?

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How is my data maintained in the Ariba network?

If we have multiple customers in Ariba, do we have to pay for multiple subscriptions?

What is a document?

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