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Stakeholder Dialogue

Fair & respectful exchange

The dialogue with our customers and business partners, the capital market, political representatives, non-government organizations, the communities in which our sites are located, and our employees, is very important to us. We treat our stakeholders with respect and fairness and provide them with comprehensive, truthful, and understandable information through various channels. By doing this, we are encouraging and promoting regular exchanges.

Overview stakeholder dialogue: Content and dialogue formats


The success of the Company is based on the skills and success of our employees. Employees’ concerns are addressed at regularworks meetings. The intranet and the digital employee magazinepromote mutual exchange and the transfer of information.

Main topics

HR policy decisions, remuneration, training,  communication, corporate development, investment projects and initiatives, strategy, health and safety, etc.


Meetings, committee work, joint projects, events / conferences (digital or face-to-face), Annual Report, blogs and social media, intranet, employee magazine, internal communication and employee meetings of the Board of Executive Directors at sites, etc. 

Media representatives

As a multiplier for a broad public, we provide media representatives from a wide range of channels with regular information about new developments at K+S and are available to answer questions.

Main topics

New developments, events, facts and figures, environmental and energy issues, site news


Press releases, newsletters, website, press conferences and discussions, tours, telephone calls

Customers and business partners

Dialogue with our customers helps us to better understand their needs and align our products and services accordingly. We provide comprehensive information on the Internet. In addition to personal discussions, satisfaction analyses provide us with concrete indications for improvements.  

Main topics

Quality assurance, production conditions, adherence to regulations and standards, compliance, etc.


Surveys, meetings, user training, trade fairs, joint projects, social media, press and public relations, plant tours, etc.

Shareholders / investors / analysts / banks

We present our business at regular roadshows and conferences, answer questions raised by representatives of the capital market, and gather suggestions and ideas.

Main topics

Company assessment, corporate strategy, goals, financing, capital allocation, results, risks/ opportunities, competition, sustainability issues, etc.


Annual General Meeting, Annual Report, quarterly reporting, Capital Markets Day, meetings with analysts/investors/banks/rating agencies, virtual meetings, surveys, phone calls, conferences, roadshows, LinkedIn, etc.

Politics and administration

As a member of various associations and organizations, we contribute our positions directly or indirectly to the political ebate in national and European dialogues with representatives of governments, specialist authorities, and parliaments. 

Main topics

Social acceptance, social license to operate, environmental issues, climate and energy issues, industrial and raw materials issues, economic  evelopments, strategic direction, job security, etc.


Confidential direct talks (virtual and face-to-face), background rounds, committee work, press and public relations, site visits, etc.

Site Communities

It is important for us to be good neighbors to the communities and regions in which our sites are located. We create trust at the sites through dialogue with the communities and residents.

Main topics

Social acceptance, environmental issues, projects to improve water protection, economic development, job opportunities, structural change, etc. 


Meetings with selected stakeholders, events, information offices, open houses, press and public relations, plant tours, etc. 

Non-government organisations/general public

We provide comprehensible explanations of potash mining in Germany under the conditions of international competitiveness and international as well as national environmental legislation by means of various formats. 

Main topics

System relevance, social acceptance, potash mining, projects to improve water protection, environmental issues, job security, etc.


Public information events, presence at trade fairs and specialist conferences, plant tours and mine excursions, information office, personal conversation, etc. 
UN Global Compact

We support the UN Global Compact

K+S signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2015. We therefore support the ten principles of the Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Un global compact

These are reflected in the Code of Conduct to which all employees of the K+S Group are bound. Launched in 2000, the Global Compact provides a platform for exchange between its over 13,000 members worldwide: companies, cities, scientific institutions and non-governmental organizations.

EITI Initiative

EITI – Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative


K+S is participating in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. The global Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) advocates greater financial transparency and accountability in the extractive industries sector.

K+S is involved in D-EITI and is a member of the multi-stakeholder group (MSG) for the salt and potash sector. Since the German Federal Government announced its intention to implement the EITI in July 2014, many milestones have been achieved.

With this fifth report, the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) of the D-EITI has once again prepared specific information of the extractive sector that promotes a factual debate on current extractive policies and the use of 
natural resources.



K+S is actively involved

K+S is actively involved in global sustainability initiatives and promotes dialogue between different stakeholders. Here, it is important to us to be up to date and play our part in shaping the international sustainability discussion.

K+S is a member of many associations. Some of our company representatives perform official functions and are involved in working groups. These include:

  • European Potash Producers Association (APEP)
  • Federation of German Industry (BDI) via the Association of the Potash and Salt Industry (VKS)
  • Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) via the Association of the Potash and Salt Industry (VKS)
  • European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals (EUROMNINES)
  • European Salt Producers’ Association (EUSALT)
  • International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA)
  • International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)
  • German Agrochemical Industry Association (IVA)
  • Association of the Potash and Salt Industry (VKS)
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