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“It’s all about life!” The health and safety of our employees has top priority for K+S. Nothing is more important than this – not production, not sales, not profit. This is the reason why we are continuously working to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.

Our “golden rules” include the fundamental duties for workplace safety and apply to the conduct of all employees and business partners at the sites of the K+S Group.

Anywhere we identify hazards, work-related pressures or health risks, we actively take steps to protect health and increase industrial safety. We brief our staff with preventive training courses and campaigns. Worldwide introduction of a management system in accordance with ISO 45001 will guarantee a standardized continuous improvement by 2022.

Our vision leading up to 2030 involves greater occupational safety and better health for our employees:

The K+S vision is to completely prevent accidents at work. We are aiming to significantly reduce our lost time injury (LTI) rate by 2030.

Dr. Carin-Martina Tröltzsch
Our employees are the strength of the company. Their health and safety are our top priority - not production, revenues, or earnings.
Dr. Carin-Martina Tröltzsch
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