Hide salt special

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High-quality rock salt for the preparation of animal skins
0.7 – 0.16 mm
0.7 – 0.16 mm (3% Soda)
1.4 – 0.4 mm
1.4 – 0.4 mm (3% Soda)
1.4 – 0.4 mm (5% Soda)
2.3 – 0.4 mm
3.2 – 0.2 mm
50 kg
Big Bag (1000 kg)

Product information

Our hide salt is a high-quality product extracted from our own salt mines. The special preparation keeps the salt smooth, enabling it to be distributed evenly onto the animal hide and improving its adhesiveness. Segregation and salt dust are no longer a problem.

Product properties:

  • application-optimised rock salt
  • special preparation in various concentrations
  • high purity (typical 99%)
  • antibacterial and preservative
  • free-flowing and easy to spread

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