De-icing salt
Discover our unique mixture: 30-35% CaCl2 flakes (equivalent to 23-27% anhydrous CaCl2) and 65-70% de-icing salt F. DI-MIX® is a fast-acting de-icing salt for removing snow and ice and is suitable for all areas of application.
25 kg

Product information

DI-MIX® is a valuable mixture of 30 - 35 % calcium chloride and 65 - 70 % coarse rock salt (sodium chloride). Thanks to its unique composition, DI-MIX® remains free-flowing. The rock salt is a mined product that K+S extracts at three locations in Germany. The pure calcium chloride and the high sodium chloride content of the rock salt ensure the excellent product quality of DI-MIX®. DI-MIX® fully complies with EN 16811-2.


Our production plants in Germany are among the most modern of their kind in Europe. All sites have valid certification in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

Product properties

  • 4 times more effective than normal road salt
  • active at very low temperatures
  • solubility close to 100%
  • suitable for long-term storage
  • complies with the EN 16811-2 standard

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