De-icing salt bulk
grain class F and M

De-icing salt
Our de-icing salt from German origin is of consistently high quality and, thanks to its precise conditioning with an anti-caking agent, has optimum storage properties even over longer periods of time. While the fine crystals ensure an immediate thawing effect, the coarser crystals guarantee the required long-term effect for thicker layers of ice and snow.
Grain class F 3.2 - 0.2 mm
Grain class M 5 - 0.2 mm
from 26 t loose in truck

Product information

The de-icing salt of grain classes F and M impress with their high NaCl content and the de-icing mixture of fine and coarse salt crystals. The coarser grain size of grain class M in particular increases the long-term effect on thicker layers of ice and snow. 

It is ready for immediate use and is suitable for dry and wet spreading. The de-icing salt can also be stored indoors or in a silo.


Product properties

  • German origin
  • high purity: white, occasionally with gray or black accessory minerals
  • perfectly coordinated grit spectrum
  • with anti-caking agent
  • optimum dew effect

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