Your first choice for chloride tolerant cultures
Fertigation soluMOP Häufchen
Fertigation soluMOP big bag
content of potassium (K) = 49.8%

Product information

SoluMOP is an immediately effective fertigation fertilizer with highly concentrated potassium chloride.

  • Completely soluble in water.
  • Ideal source of potassium for fertigation and foliar fertilization.
  • Suitable for many chloride tolerant crops.
  • Very well tolerated by plants.
  • Improves frost hardiness with foliar application in fall or winter.
  • Potassium improves drought stress tolerance.
  • In 5% concentration, freezing point of spray water decreases to -2 °C.
  • Can be combined with EPSO products. (Magnesium sulfate and trace nutrients).
  • Can be used as foliar fertilizer and in fertigation systems.
  • Miscible with most crop protection products and other fertilizers.

EC FERTILIZER Potassium chloride 60

K2O water-soluble potassium oxide (= 49.8% K)

Recommended Use

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