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Partial Closure Sigmundshall Potash Mine

Social Plan Resolved in Settlement Proceedings

Kassel, 27.07.2018 
The employees at the Sigmundshall potash mine, which will stop producing potash products at the end of the year, now have more personal security for their future. After long and difficult negotiations in the settlement proceedings, the company and works council have agreed on a social plan for the employees which are affected by the partial closure.

“I am glad that we have succeeded in finding a compromise in the proceedings that will offer our employees prospects,” says K+S Board member Dr. Thomas Nöcker. “Both sides have pushed themselves to their threshold,” Nöcker continues, “and have been looking for a way to make the painful job of reducing the workforce as tolerable as possible.” 

The aim of the company is to give as many employees, which unfortunately cannot be further employed at Sigmundshall, career prospects at another site within the K+S Group. Therefore, the social plan which has now been adopted differs significantly from the social plans that have been concluded so far in the company, but also from the original draft of the works council. It includes, on the one hand, the compensation previously offered by the company when transferring to another site, which can be relatively high in individual cases, and, on the other hand, takes into account the age of the employees when calculating the severance pay through a scale scheme.

“It is now important,” concludes Nöcker, “that the company and the works council live up to their joint responsibility for the employees of the Sigmundshall site and swiftly implement the now signed social plan.”

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