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Out-of-court settlement with BUND

K+S continues work on tailings pile expansion

Kassel/Hattorf, 09.02.2022 
Yesterday, the BUND (“Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation”) regional association in Hesse and K+S reached an out-of-court settlement in the legal dispute concerning the premature start of the tailings pile expansion at the Hattorf site (Werra plant). The Company has therefore meanwhile resumed the preparations for the tailings pile expansion, which were initially interrupted voluntarily.

The agreement was reached during a hearing at the Kassel Administrative Court (VGH), before which BUND had filed a lawsuit and an emergency motion against the premature start of the tailings pile expansion.

In this context, K+S has undertaken not to carry out forest clearance work on parts of the site this winter. Furthermore, by concretizing the general operating plan, the Company is requesting that the tree population in the infrastructure and marginal strip of the area only be cleared to an extent that is absolutely necessary. A biotope in the marginal strip will also be preserved until a plan approval has been issued, and stump clearing will not be carried out until April 15 at the earliest.

As a result, the legal dispute was declared settled in the summary and action proceedings.

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