Capital Market Days
Capital Market Days

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At our Capital Market Days, we give analysts and investors the opportunity to get to know the K+S Group better. In addition, we provide an update on developments in strategically important markets and business segments.

2021 Capital Market Day

On November 11, 2021, K+S held a Capital Market Day for institutional capital market participants. Dr. Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S, presented the new strategic roadmap together with Holger Riemensperger (operational deep dive), COO, Thorsten Boeckers (outlook and strategic financial targets), CFO, as well as Markus Midden (climate strategy), Head of Technology and Energy.

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11,8 GB

  • Opening Remarks – Dr. Burkhard Lohr, CEO
  • Market Outlook & Strategic Roadmap – Dr. Burkhard Lohr, CEO
  • Deep Dive: Optimize the existing and grow the core – Holger Riemensperger, COO
  • Q3/2021, Outlook & Strategic Financial Targets – Thorsten Boeckers, CFO
  • K+S Climate Strategy – Markus Midden, Head of Technology and Energy

Capital Markets Day 2018

On September 5, 2018, our Capital Markets Day took place at our mine in Bethune.

Veranstaltungen Capital Market Day 2021
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On site in Bethune

At today's Capital Markets Day at the new Bethune potash plant in Canada, the K+S Board of Executive Directors presents itself to analysts and investors. Dr. Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S, will present the progress made in implementing the Shaping 2030 strategy towards the new "One K+S": "We are making good progress with its implementation and have now developed the detailed concept of the new organization. The first synergies are already being leveraged. As planned, we want to achieve synergies of more than EUR 150 million per year from the end of 2020".

Capital Markets Day 2015

On November 12, 2015 the Capital Markets Day took place at the Merkers Adventure Mine.

Veranstaltungen Capital Market Day 2015
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Merkers Adventure Mine

On Thursday, November 12, 2015, our Capital Markets Day took place with the participation of Norbert Steiner, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Dr. Burkhard Lohr, Chief Financial Officer, as well as the members of the Board of Executive Directors, Andreas Radmacher, Mark Roberts, and Ulrich Lamp, CEO and President of K+S Potash Canada. Investors, analysts and press representatives as well as the interested public were invited online and offline to participate in the conference.


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