Frequently asked questions about applications

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Questions about the application documents

Which documents should I include with my application?

Do I need an application photo?

What should my CV include?

What should I pay attention to in my cover letter?

Which file format should my application documents have?

Questions regarding the application process

How can I apply?

Is it possible to apply by mail in addition to the online application?

Is there an application deadline?

I am interested in several job advertisments. Do I have to apply more than once?

Will I receive confirmation once I send my application?

Can I change data entered, or withdraw my application?

No job advertised fits exactly to my profile. What else can I do?

How often are vacancies updated?

What is the selection process usually like?

How should I best prepare for the interview?

Questions about the candidate profile and the job alert

What is a candidate profile and how can I create one?

What are the advantages of a candidate profile?

How can I log into my candidate profile?

What is a job alert?

How can I set up a job alert?

Technical questions

What can I do if I forgot my password?

I am experiencing technical difficulties in applying online. Who can help me?

Questions about Corona

How can I apply?

Are you still hiring?

How are job interviews currently conducted?

How is work currently being done at K+S?


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HR Recruiting for Zielitz
Andrea Leise
HR Recruiting for Kassel, Sehnde, Wunstorf, Bad Salzdetfurth, Bernburg, Grasleben
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HR Recruiting for Langelsheim, Bad Hersfeld, Rheinberg, Staudt
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HR Recruiting for Kassel, Hamburg, Wismar, Köln, Berlin, Neuhof
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