Application process

The application process

Searching for a new job and you would like to know how the application process works? Here, you'll find all you need to know.

Five steps to help you find your next job online

1. Searching for and finding jobs

2. How to send us your application documents

3. We process your application documents

4. We want to get to know you

5. You receive your employment contract and take the next step with K+S

Note: For the online application system, please read our data privacy statement.

Advantages of applying online

  • By applying online, your application documents are forwarded directly to the relevant department, ensuring faster processing.
  • You only need to enter your data once even when applying for multiple advertised positions.

We are looking forward to receiving your online application!



Questions about career opportunities?

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K+S Aktiengesellschaft
Alina Dräbing
HR Recruiting for locations Philippsthal, Merkers, Unterbreizbach (inkl. Analytik- u. Forschungszentrum), Heringen (Werk Werra), Sehnde, Neuhof, Wunstorf, Langelsheim, Bad Salzdetfurth
K+S Aktiengesellschaft
Catalina Tronaru
HR Recruiting for locations Bad Hersfeld, Zielitz, Bernburg, Grasleben, Hildesheim, Rheinberg und Staudt (Ickenroth GmbH)
K+S Aktiengesellschaft
Sonja Mösta
HR Recruiting for locations Kassel, Hamburg, Hannover, Wismar, Köln und Berlin
K+S Aktiengesellschaft
Anne Kuhn
HR Recruiting for locations Kassel, Hamburg, Hannover, Wismar, Köln und Berlin
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