Standort Prag
Prag – K+S Czech Republic a.s.

The sales office on the Moldau

For more than 20 years, the K+S Group has maintained a sales office in Prague, K+S Czech Republic a.s. The company trades in salt, potash and magnesium products and offers waste management and recycling services.

K+S Czech Republic a.s.
Novodvorská 1062/12 142 00 Praha 4 - Lhotka
Czech Republic
+420 212812-649

In 1991, Mitteldeutsche Kali AG founded Salz & Kali Handel spol s.r.o in Prague, Czech Republic, to market potash and salt production products from eastern Germany in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since the potash merger in 1993, when the East and West German potash mines were merged after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, the Prague office has belonged to the K+S Group.

In 2012, the K+S Group and its subsidiary esco - european salt company GmbH & Co. KG acquired the salt mill Olmütz - Solné Mlýny a.s. - a salt processing plant in Moravia. In November 2013, the two companies in Prague and Olomouc were merged under the new name K+S Czech Republic a.s. and were given joint management.

Fact sheet

Prague at a glance

Founded in: 1991
Type of site: Sales office
Number of employees: approx. 7
Product & service portfolio:

De-icing salt, magnesium chloride solution and calcium chloride flakes, livestock salt and lickstones, food grade salt and table salt, salt tablets, industrial salt, pharmaceutical salt, bath salt, potash and magnesium fertilizers for agriculture and industrial applications, waste management and waste disposal (e.g. underground)

International standards & norms

Our certificates at the Prague location

Our products are certified according to international standards and norms. Here you can find our current certificates.

GMP+ B3/B4 Certificate

K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH, Kalikai, Wismar; K+S Benelux NV/SA, Diegem; K+S France SAS, Reims; K+S Czech Republic a.s., Olomouc, Praha

ISO 14001 Certificate

K+S Czech Republic a.s., Prague

ISO 9001 Certificate

K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH
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