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Salt processing in Moravia with tradition

Since 1921, the Olomouc-based plant has been processing salt under the name Solné Mlýny mainly for the Czech market and neighboring countries. The Solné Mlýny brand is known throughout the Czech Republic and beyond its borders. Most of the salt processed in Olomouc now comes from our Bernburg plant.

Site Facts

Olomouc at a glance

Founded in: 1921
Type of site: Salt processing and packaging as well as distribution
Number of employees:  approx. 55
Product & service portfolio: De-icing salt, industrial salt, livestock salt and lickstones, table salt, nitrite curing salt and food grade salt
Site Focus

The site at a glance

The Salt Mill in Olomouc was founded in 1921 by Čechoslavie, an import-export company, and Prague Czechoslovak Legions Bank under the name Solné Mlýny - that is Czech and means: salt mill. The location in Olomouc-Holice was chosen primarily because of its logistically favorable location in the middle of Moravia.

Within three years, the factory, which was by then large and extremely modern, was built. It consisted of several buildings, its own workshops, two residential buildings, had its own railway connection and access road, an electricity connection and its own water pipe. In addition to the company's own mill, there was a packaging plant and large warehouses with a capacity of over 20,000 tons of loose salt. Only the very latest machines were used.

On January 2, 1924, the salt mill commenced operations. Since then, the site has undergone numerous changes, including several changes of ownership. Solné Mlýny was state-owned until 1992. This was followed by various private owners until the K+S subsidiary esco - european salt company GmbH & Co, KG from Hanover acquired the company on 1 January 2012. This is how the site became part of the K+S Group.

Since November 2013, Salzmühle Olmütz has been operating under the name K+S Czech Republic a.s. together with the K+S sales office in Prague and under a joint management. The company is based in Prague and continues to produce in Olomouc.

Olomouc is not only home to the salt of the well-known Czech brand Solné Mlýny for the regional market. The site also supplies neighboring countries with significant quantities of de-icing, industrial and food salts as well as cattle salt and lickstones.

The Olomouc site has been ISO-certified since 1996. Since then, further certifications such as GMP and other certified standards in the food, livestock and industrial salt sectors have been added.


International standards & norms

Our products are certified according to international standards and norms. Here you can find our current certificates.

EC-Eco Certificate

K+S-Czech-Republic-a.s., Olomouc

GMP+ B3/B4 Certificate

K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH, Kalikai, Wismar; K+S Benelux NV/SA, Diegem; K+S France SAS, Reims; K+S Czech Republic a.s., Olomouc, Praha

IFS Global Markets Food Certificate

K+S Czech Republic a.s., Olomouc

ISO 9001 Certificate

K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH
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Czech Republic
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