Monte Kali

Our white mountain

The tailings pile of the Neuhof-Ellers potash plant is commonly known in the region as "Monte Kali". It not only serves to absorb the unavoidable residues of the potash plant - above all rock salt - but has also enjoyed great popularity for years as a venue for guided tours for visitors and as a stage. Particularly popular since 2009 are the annual summer music events "Music on Top", at which renowned bands from all over Germany perform.


Impressive views

The Neuhof-Ellers potash plant in Neuhof (south of Fulda) offers interested visitors a tour of the plant's tailings pile.



Accompanied by members of the miners' association "Glückauf" Neuhof e.V., visitors can venture on the steep climb, which offers ever-changing vistas. The tailings pile plateau is located at an altitude of almost 500 meters above sea level. The tailings pile covers an area of approx. 90 ha. About 125 million tonnes of tailings are stored there. The pile began after the re-commissioning of the plant in 1954. By the way: The tailings, i.e. the material of which the pile consists, is mainly rock salt; in addition, clay, anhydrite, other minerals, and water.


By appointment only

The Monte Kali can be climbed by appointment only.

What do I have to think about?

  • Weatherproof clothing and sun protection.
  • Sturdy shoes.
  • There is no transportation to the tailings pile.
  • Individual tours are not possible; the smallest group size is 10 persons.

Although the guided tour is free of charge, the Bergmannsverein is happy to receive a (voluntary) donation for the association's funds.



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Venue for "Music on Top"

A special highlight in the potash community of Neuhof is the so-called "Haldenkonzert", which has taken place on the top of the tailings pile once a year in the summer months since 2009.

From year to year the number of visitors has increased. Recently there were more than 3,000 visitors who climbed the tailings pile. For safety reasons, this was also the maximum number of visitors. Music on Top" has so far attracted renowned bands who have revived the music of past decades (from the Rolling Stones and the Beatles to the Bee Gees and Genesis/Phil Collins).

There is also a wide range of food and drinks on offer for your enjoyment.

Advance ticket sales usually start at the beginning of May and are announced well in advance in the region, in the daily newspaper, and also here on the website.