Controlling Manager K+S France

Controlling Manager K+S France

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K+S France
France, Reims

Vos responsabilités


  • In addition to the tasks mentioned in Part 2, the role involves a significant "project" dimension, sometimes in conjunction with the sales departments, such as support for the development of new products, new ranges or projects more closely linked to the head office and/or the French management (acquisition, disposal, restructuring).
  • Providing strategic and operational input to the Management Committee and participate in decisions.

Budget / Forecast

  • Managing the budgeting and forecast (BF = Bottom-Up forecast) processes following the rules and the assumptions defined by the Group.
  • Preparing the reviews of the financial data, actual and budget, interpretating the deviations and proposing corrective actions.
  • Coordinating investment and operations budgets, present the consolidated budget to management.


  • Leading the financial controlling team, organizing and optimizing the tasks of the team, insure the back-ups.
  • Setting the yearly goals to each member and support the skills development of the team.

Dashboard / Monitoring

  • Carrying out the inventory assessment as part of the annual financial statements and reconciling the results with the auditors.
  • Defining the KPIs to measure the achievement of the company’s objectives, both on financial and industrial topics.
  • Supporting in the implementation and further development of regular performance meetings of the plants in close coordination with the Head of Operations.
  • Updating the costs of goods sold, the operational margin and eventually the EBIT by activity to provide the basis of calculation necessary for the transfer prices.
  • Regular implementation of cost analyzes according to cost types, functions and plants/locations.
  • Carrying out business evaluations for operative and strategic projects as well as providing and recommending options for action.
  • Controlling of the execution of CAPEX projects verifying the respect of the budget and of the conditions of achievement.
  • Execution of IT and HR controlling in coordination with the corresponding central functions.
  • Setting up the configuration of the information system, some applications, supervising the updating of data.

Credit management

  • Supervising the collection of customer receivables and the compliance to the credit limits sets for each customer in conjunction with the credit manager.

We enrich your life

In the framework of the general policy defined by the Controlling Department in Kassel (Germany) and the Administrative and Financial Director of K+S France (CFO), directs the controlling activities of the K+S Group in France in accordance with legal, conventional and internal rules in order to ensure, within the given timeframe :
 The process of elaborating the three-year budget of the K+S entities in France as well as the calculation of the costs of production.
 The monthly monitoring of the said budget and the updating of forecasts (Forecast).
 The monthly reporting of activities to the head office in Germany and/or to the management in France.
 Expertise in the field of controlling and in the information system, in particular CO module.
 Compliance with Group legal and regulatory requirements for quarterly and annual closings, particularly in the following areas: inventories and fixed assets.

Votre profil

  • Executive powers to perform the delegated tasks
  • Responsibility of the team (recruitment, dismissal) within the functional budget
  • Requesting information and inspection of documents from internal partners, insofar as this is appropriate for achieving the goals and fulfilling the tasks of the function

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