K+S topics
K+S topics

Current topics that concern us

Find out more about interesting topics from the K+S Group: How are we strategically positioned? Where and with which innovations do we want to grow in the long term? What are we doing to protect the environment? What is our contribution to feeding the growing world population and what effect does digitalization have on K+S?

Growth projects

International projects designed to contribute to growth

Solar salt from Australia as well as solutions for improving the living conditions of smallholders in East Africa: With these projects, we want to offer our customers added value and generate long-term growth for K+S.

More K+S topics

Sustainable measures worldwide

We deal with the many challenges of our time intensively. From environmental protection and world nutrition to digitization and innovation.

Press contact

Our contact persons for the topics on this page

Questions about the topics? Let us know!

Wudonig michael.wudonig@k-plus-s.com
Michael Wudonig
Spokesman for corporate topics
Janz marcus.janz@k-plus-s.com
Marcus Janz
Spokesman for German sites
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